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To promote the Health of all employees and to prevent unsafe action and substandard condition, zero personal injury, zero loss of life, zero damage to property and zero pollution to the environment:

The Company shall comply with the statutory rules and requirements related to Health, Safety and Environment protection, including those under International Maritime Organization and International Safety Management (ISM) Code and Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS).

The Company shall provide safe practices in operation and safe working environment. Assess all identified risks in operation and establish appropriate safeguards. It deems the protection of Health and Safety of its employees at work and Environmental protection and conservation, to be an essential part of all Managers' duties and responsibilities for which they and their subordinates are accountable to at all level.

Employees' participation and contribution to the establishment and observance of safe working practices and good housekeeping, including establishing safeguards against all identified risks are vital.

All employees are expected to recognize that there is a clear duty for them to exercise self-discipline and accept responsibility to do everything they can, in order to maintain the highest practicable environmental standard and to prevent injury to themselves, others and any ensuing loss to the Company.

All activities that will be performed by the Company's members and appointed subcontractors must be carried out safely, in an environmentally sound manner.

The Company shall continuously improve safety-management skills of ashore and aboard ships' personnel, including contingency and emergency planning related to both safety and environmentally protections.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

The objective of this policy is to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all personnel including passengers who serve or sail onboard JM fleet.

To establish the effectiveness of this Policy, each employee will be required to undergo for alcohol and drugs examination by the Company's HSE personnel or panel clinic as and when deemed necessary by the Company.
The Management shall take disciplinary action against all seafarers and staffs that are found under the influence of alcohol and or drugs at workplace or onboard JM fleet.

The Company will not tolerate any form of alcohol or drug abuse; including manufacturing, selling, possessing or distributing such substance. The Company will at all time exercise the right to conduct search and test with regard to the alcohol and drugs abuse on any employee. Violators will face disciplinary action, including termination of service.

It is crucial to remind everyone the penalties of such unlawful and nefarious acts may incur mandatory death sentence, imprisonment and fine.

Stop Work Policy

Jasa Merin (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Management places special importance in protecting the Health and Safety of all employees and avoiding damage to properties as well as preserving the Environment from any pollution or other potential hazards.

Employees have the right to STOP WORK if deemed necessary for the preservation of Health and Safety of themselves and their fellow colleagues, damage to property and protecting the environment from any pollution.

Employees should consult their respective supervisor for advice should the need arise or if they are in doubt. The Management shall support any of STOP WORK decision.

Safety Creed

We, the Management and employees of Jasa Merin (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, believe that while risks exist:

  • No business objective is too important to be pursued at the sacrifice of safety,
  • Safe Driving and Safe Working are conditions for employment,
  • Each of us is personally responsible for our own safety and the safety of others, both on and off the job,
  • Most Personal Injuries, Occupational Disease, Property and Environmental Damage, and Vehicle Accident are preventable,
  • A job is well done if it is done Safely!

    Mohd Noor Ismardi Idris

    Dated: 10th July 2014

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